Girl Scout Spankings for Sexy Veronica.

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Sep 212016

girl spanking girl

clare fonda girl spanking girl

clare fonda spanking

One of my favourite American spanked girls stars in the latest sexy spank movie at the excellent Clare Fonda GIRL SPANKS GIRL website. Veronica is a sexy girl scout who is on a camping trip and in the top bunk bed, with Brownie Ashley Rose sleeping below her. Veronica tries making some kissing moves on the taller Ashley, who then bends Veronica over her knee for a sound spanking. But Veronica turns totally dominant after this spanking, showing the Brownie who is boss by making her suck a strap on, then bedning her over and spanking her while she fucks her with the strap-on from behind. A very sexually charged scene with total dominance and submission. Check out more preview pix below and how to see the whole movie in their members section.


Spanking Samantha Woodley in her Tight Denim Shorts!

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Sep 202016

spanking samantha woodley

samantha woodley spank

spanking samantha woodley

The latest spanking movie starring my fav spanked gal Samantha Woodley is always a bit of an event in this here blog house and this terrific new update from FIRM HAND SPANKING is no different. The woman is awesome sauce and looks totally spankable in those tight pair of denim shorts which probably have a tag inside them saying “ONE HOT OWNER – NEEDS SPANKING.” A little “Brotherly Love” ass whuppin’ with a spoon – what is it with American spanking and spoons? – goes a long way and if I ever get granted one wish from the spanking fairy, I know EXACTLY what I would want to do. Enjoy the pix and to see more along with a hot preview clip (ooooo!) PLEASE CLICK HERE

Rich Brat Sasha Harding First Hand Spanking.

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Sep 192016

sasha harding spanking

firm hand spanking sasha harding

spanking sasha harding


Can’t beat a bit of new ass meat spanked for the first time to add a bit of spice to a new update from FIRM HAND SPANKING. Here we have sexy leggy Sasha Harding as a spoilt rich brat getting her first spanking from her daddy’s lawyer! Awesome ass that takes over 300 good hard spanks and comes back for more. CLICK HERE for more hot preview pix and exclusive movie clip. Join FIRM HAND SPANKING for hot new movies and retro classics in their archives.

An American Spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford.

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Sep 172016

Spanking America


Hot sexy English girl Amelia Jane Rutherford finds herself over the lap of American brat Sarah Gregory for a sizzling spank session with Amelia getting a hand and hairbrush spanking she’ll never forget! Awesome spanking pix and those long legs are fantastic. Click the above photo or link below to see much more from this preview at Sarah’s excellent personal spanking blog.

sarah gregory spanking sarah gregory spanking


Hooters Spanking.

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Sep 162016


Brilliant update at Sarah Gregory Spanking with Sarah as a naughty girl. John is not very happy when he catches his girlfriend, Sarah, attempting to sneak out to go and work at “Hooters.” He is very disappointed in her. The worst of it was that she was trying to be sneaky about it instead of honest. He teaches his girl a tough lesson with an over the knee spanking. . Click here for a really terrific free gallery!

Amazing Thrashing for Bum Beating Beauty Vivian.

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Sep 152016

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Greg from the excellent BUN BEATING FUN USA just sent me an email with his latest update featuring snooty sexpot Vivian who ends up getting a whale of a thrashing on her cute mature butt. Great movie – click here for more preview pix and an exclusive clip!

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