Euro Babe Nisha Hot Bottom Spanking Paddled.


REAL LIFE SPANKING is a sister site to the excellent SPANKED IN UNIFORM and has head man Mike spanking and punishing various hot European and American babes like Nisha on their bare bottoms. Love Nisha who has the most awesome arse as you can see in the above clip. Check out more hot spankings by CLICKING HERE to visit REAL LIFE SPANKINGS.

Two Bad Girls Caned in the Nude Classic Spanking Movie.

classic spanking

classic spanking

classic spanking


IT’S TOO FLIPPING HOT HERE CHUMS so I’m sat in the shade doing this post. And wot a corking post it is from the archives of classic retro spank website 1st CHOICE SPANKING featuring two hot English secretaries getting severely spanked and caned by their no nonsense Boss. The vidcaps give you a good idea of the action and I have a  major boner for the brunette. CLICK HERE to visit this top rated site for fans of old time retro spanking movies.

Spanking Northern Girl Roxy Valentynne.






Here we go with an awesome classic gallery from top UK spanking website NORTHERN SPANKING. One of their most popular girls was curvy sexpot ROXY VALENTYNNE and here she is getting a good spanking from lucky SOB Paul who makes the most of Roxy dressed up in her hot fishnet lingerie. Love these “domestic situations” where everything feels more natural thus making the experience – for me personally – much more erotically satisfying. CLICK HERE on how to join and view the whole gallery on NORTHERN SPANKING in their HUGE 10 year archive.

Secretary Caned and Spanked in Classic Spanking Movie.





Hey guys, check out this awesome series of screengrabs from the classic UK spanking movie “The Cashmore Experience” which has just been uploaded to the members section at top retro spank movie website 1st CHOICE SPANKING. The pix give you a taste of this superb and super erotic boss spanks secretary who then both spank and cane the office junior who is an absolute stunner imho and can take a bloody hard thrashing too! CLICK HERE for more info and a free preview trailer!

Errant Wife Spanking.




From ENGLISH SPANKERS, this errant wife finds herself in hubbies bad books and to sate his ire she agree’s to an otk spanking punishment where he bares her mature ass and tells her to stick it right up so he can get a good swing at it. This is a really cool new movie and its always a thrill to see the older woman taking her spanking. For more hot preview pix CLICK HERE.

English Spanking and Caning for Kami Robertson.

kami robertson spanking

kami robertson spanking

spanking kami robertson

Girl next door babe Kami Robertson finds herself arse up over the end of her bed minus her knickers and modest as she awaits her punishment of a bare bottom spanking followed by six of the cane. Excellent pinboard pix with one of ENGLISH SPANKERS top girls. CLICK HERE to check out this gallery and movie as well as many more great spanking goodies to download when you sign up as a member!

French Maid Scarlett Spanking.




Hey everyone, check out this awesome new spanking pin for the YEOWCH pinboard. From one of my favourite spanking websites, this is hot Dutch babe Scarlett in her French Maid uniform getting a good hard bare assed spanking from SPANKED IN UNIFORM boss Mike. Doesn’t Scarlett look AWESOME! For more hot babes getting a spanking in uniform CLICK HERE right now.

Spanking Ass for Sarah Gregory.

spanking sarah gregory

spanking sarah gregory


Wow, just look at the legs on her. That is a fine pair of pins and no mistake. Imagine those wrapped around your ears as you play naughty spanking games. Sigh. Sarah Gregory is such a brazen little hussy that the poor thing finds herself getting an otk bare assed spanking more often than not. Here she is in her latest update from her own excellent personal blog/website getting her fabbo bum spanked good and hard with her panties at half mast. The woman sure can take an ass beating and no mistake. Awesome stuff and much more can be seen at her place. CLICK HERE to check it out. Amazing pix!

New Spankings for Samantha Woodley and Alison Miller.

alison miller spanking

samantha woodley spanking

Hey guys, thanks for checking out my blog dedicated to all things American spanking. Got a really doozy update today featuring the latest movie updates from FIRM HAND SPANKING. For me, it’s extra special as it features two of my favourite gals in Samantha Woodley and Alison Miller. Awesome babes who just love being spanked. Uploaded more preview pix into a special YEOWCH gallery – CLICK HERE to check it out!

Rich Brat Sasha Harding First Hand Spanking.

sasha harding spanking

firm hand spanking sasha harding

spanking sasha harding


Can’t beat a bit of new ass meat spanked for the first time to add a bit of spice to a new update from FIRM HAND SPANKING. Here we have sexy leggy Sasha Harding as a spoilt rich brat getting her first spanking from her daddy’s lawyer! Awesome ass that takes over 300 good hard spanks and comes back for more. CLICK HERE for more hot preview pix and exclusive movie clip. Join FIRM HAND SPANKING for hot new movies and retro classics in their archives.

Hot Bare Bottomed Spanking for American Bad Girl Alison Miller.

spanking alison miller

spanking alison miller

spanking alison miller


Fans of this here spank blog dedicated to all things American spanking will know that I have a thang for this young lady and her outstanding spankability. Every new movie featuring the delightful Alison Miller is something a bit special and her latest is as awesome as to be expected. Love the way she wriggles around otk as Frank turns her cute butt the same colour as the hair on her head. EXCLUSIVE to FIRM HAND SPANKING – CLICK HERE for more hot preview pix and a free movie clip to check out

Spanking English Ass with Sarah Gregory.

amelia jane rutherford

pandora blake spanking

HOT TOP BRIT BABES Pandora Blake and the scrummy Amelia Jane Rutherford are paying a visit to long time penpal Sarah Gregory who thinks these two naughty English girls need a good old fashioned taste of American hospitality spanking style! So what better way to welcome them to the states by giving both their big fat bottoms a severe otk walloping in this awesome new movie from Sarah’s excellent niche spanking personal website. It’s a terrific little place done with a sassy feminine touch with Sarah being one of the best spankers and spanked ladies around. PLEASE CLICK HERE for more hot preview pix!

Spanking Samantha Woodley in her Tight Denim Shorts!

spanking samantha woodley

samantha woodley spank

spanking samantha woodley

The latest spanking movie starring my fav spanked gal Samantha Woodley is always a bit of an event in this here blog house and this terrific new update from FIRM HAND SPANKING is no different. The woman is awesome sauce and looks totally spankable in those tight pair of denim shorts which probably have a tag inside them saying “ONE HOT OWNER – NEEDS SPANKING.” A little “Brotherly Love” ass whuppin’ with a spoon – what is it with American spanking and spoons? – goes a long way and if I ever get granted one wish from the spanking fairy, I know EXACTLY what I would want to do. Enjoy the pix and to see more along with a hot preview clip (ooooo!) PLEASE CLICK HERE

Spanking Over Tight Denim Jeans for Sexy American Red Head Alison Miller.

spanking alison miller

denim jeans spanked

spanking alison miller

Not only was it a great weekend with Dr Who and Game of Thrones starting but it also saw a brand new FIRM HAND SPANKING movie starring one of my favourite American girls, Alison Miller! This awesome red head and her poor ass are at the mercy of Mr Meanie and his mean paddle as he makes Alison bend over the table for a good swatting on her tight denim jeans (yummy) then a solid therwhupping on her bare butt to end it. Love this lady and you can check out her new movie and all her old one’s at the FIRM HAND SPANKING website – PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Spanking Clare Fonda Call Girl Anikka Albrite.

Clare fonda spanking call girls

clare fonda spanked callgirls

Howdy American spank fans, here’s a treat from that well respected promoter of all things spanking, Clare Fonda, and her awesome SPANKED CALL GIRLS website where naughty American girls end up getting their nice firm spankable butts er spanked! In this latest doozy update we have ice blonde Anikka Albrite at the mercy of Mary Jane who loves nothing more than a little girl on girl spanky action. End result – one well spanked hooker! Another classic f/f spanking movie and if you want to see more hot preview pix and how to watch the whole movie and much much more PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Three Hot Babes Spanked at Firm Hand Spanking.

carina thompson spanking

leia ann woods spanking

firm hand spanking valerie bryant

This weeks awesome update from FIRM HAND SPANKING has three hot babes and their bottoms spanked in three great new solo spank movies. Watch Leia-Ann Woods, Valerie Bryant and Carina Thompson all end up minus their panties and bent over for healthy red assed spankings and strappings. FIRM HAND SPANKING are one of America’s top spank websites and update their members section weekly with top quality spanking movies featuring some of the hottest girls in the business. To see more hot previews and clips PLEASE CLICK HERE to check out this site.

A Firm Hand Spanking Detention for Belinda Lawson.

Spanking belinda lawson

Spanking Belinda Lawson

TOP FIRM HAND SPANKING student Belinda Lawson finds herself in detention after school hours with her panties down and bent over her desk waiting for her teacher to give her cute ass a good spanking as a further punishment. This is another awesome spank movie from one of America’s main spanking moviemakers. Click the link below for more hot preview pix with Belinda and her friends getting spanked and to see the huge amount of movies and galleries available to download in their members section.


Hot American babe Kelly Morgan Firm Hand Spanking in Uniform.

kelly morgan spanking

spanking kelly morgan

spanking kelly morgan ass

Check out hot American babe Kelly Morgan as she slips into a sexy naval uniform in her great new spank movie series at FIRM HAND SPANKING. Kelly has the most perfect bottom and click the link below to see a preview of it getting spanked!


American Girls Firm Hand Spankings.

Spanking Alison Miller

sspanking carina thompson

spanking valerie bryant

More American bad girls getting their firm juicy butts well spanked and thrashed in the latest movie updates at top USA spank site, FIRM HAND SPANKING. Alison Miller, Carina Thompson and Valerie Bryant each end up with hot bottoms in their own movies. Check out more hot previews with clips at the link below.


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