Dec 142017
An extra stroke of the cane for pretty Amber Wells as she endures her second six
Pert bottom bared, Amber Wells reluctantly bends over in the latest of our Secret Archive discoveries with this top spanking talent. It’s part two of her caning for profanity in front of a teacher: the principal doesn’t hold back with the cane, adding a 13th stroke for good measure, decorating her bottom with stripes as a reminder of good behavior.
16 paddle swats for Lily White after charging friends to meet her famous parents
Bent over, jeans stretched tight across her delicious bottom, Lilian White discovers that having school friends pay to meet her famous parents isn’t a good idea. Tutor Alison Miller turns this Celebrity Brat red and sore in the series finale. Jeans come down so her bare bottom bounces from a wooden paddle as Lily wails she’s sorry and miscounts!
NEW MODEL: Alex Laurent
Glamorous French college senior spanked for failing in her sorority duties
Elegant French girl Alex Laurent discovers that a senior in a top US college isn’t exempt from discipline when she doesn’t deliver the goods on event organisation and recruitment. Alison Miller humiliates her, pulling down denim shorts to spank her bare bottom in Sorority Sisters. See newbie Laurel Brooks in a cameo before her own series.

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Big Bottom American Spanking Favourites – Pixie.

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Nov 212017

american spankings


spanking american girls like pixie

american spanking girls spanked

Next up in this series dedicated to American girls who like being spanked is the delightful and cute girl next door, Pixie. The woman exudes that particular “American” freshness that adds so much charm to her spanking adventures – both in vision and in print. Her blog is an excellent read into the mindset of women who like being spanked. A worthy addition to this Hall of Spanking Fame.


Classic Pixie Spanking at Punished Brats

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Oct 202017


From the spanking archives at PUNISHED BRATS here’s a classic photo featuring Amber “Pixie” Wells getting a good spanking and strapping across her cute firm ass. Sadly, Pixie doesn’t do movies anymore so enjoy this awesome trip down memory lane and be sure to check out all her movies at the excellent PUNISHED BRATS – click here!

Stacy Stockton talks Spanking and More..

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Sep 182017

stacy_stockton_int002 stacy_stockton_int003 stacy_stockton_int004 stacy_stockton_int005

Erotic spanking star Stacy Stockton talks about her love for all things bottom spanking and how she got into the “spanking scene” and doing spanking movies for FIRM HAND SPANKING in the latest update at their website. Cool stuff.  Check out more pix and a nice preview clip from her interview – CLICK HERE.

Sexy American Babe Samantha Woodley gets her cute Ass Caned.

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Jul 162017

samantha woodley spanked spanking spank otk

Big bottomed caning for a sorry Samantha Woodley.


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